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Time to get on track!
Posted by Vanessa Parsons on 12/02/15 12:07

Another Diabetes WA website up and running! The Get on Track Challenge is and online app to encourage people to be more active by allowing them to join up with teammates and race along some iconic tracks.

We revamped the previous award-winning website from the ground up creating an easier way for participants to enjoy the challenges. We even hooked up with some of the popular activity trackers out there so it is much easier for participants to record their activity in the challenge.

Take a look and get a group of friends or colleges together for a bit of fun! 


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Diabetes WA's healthy balance is up and running
Posted by Vanessa Parsons on 12/02/15 11:57

We have launched My Healthy Balance, an online app that helps individuals and workplaces improve their health by helping make sustainable changes to their lives to improve long-term health. Best of all, this is free and accessible for everybody!

We updated the look and feel, improved the lengthy registration process making it more user friendly and created some awesome interactive learning tools.

Start to balance your health today and reap the rewards for the rest of your life:

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A new look for LiveLighter
Posted by Vanessa Moore on 26/03/14 15:56

We have just launched a new look for the LiveLighter website that's light, fresh and completely healthy for you. We also updated our members area to enhance your experience and make it a little easier.

Take a look - but warning, you may get a little hungry looking at it

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